5 Healthy Hobbies to Keep Seniors Active

Staying active helps seniors stay physically and mentally healthy. Group activities also help prevent social isolation, which is connected with loneliness, poor health, and depression among older adults.

If you’re looking for healthy hobbies that are great for seniors, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for the top five hobbies to keep seniors active and engaged.

1. Art

Drawing, photography, painting, and other types of art are great healthy hobbies that keep the mind active and provide a creative outlook for seniors. Art has been shown to relieve stress, as well.

Another great thing about participating in artistic mediums is the fact that they can be done in group settings. Seniors can join art clubs or take art classes where they will meet other like-minded individuals.

A great way to incorporate clubs is to purchase an activity package for seniors.

2. Walking

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It is simple and easy on the joints and organs. It helps seniors stay in (or get in) shape and stay healthy.

Walking can provide seniors with a sense of independence as it can be done easily on one’s own. It also is probably the cheapest of activities, as it is free and can be done anywhere.

Walking can also easily be a group activity. There are walking clubs specifically for older adults.

3. Pet Care

Caring for a pet has been shown to lower stress, increase hormones associated with happiness, and lower blood pressure. It is a great healthy hobby for older adults, especially for those who live alone.

Pets provide companionship and a sense of responsibility, both of which can help with mental health. Pets also provide opportunities for exercise and socialization. They need to be walked and taken outside, in which they often attract attention.

Taking pets to parks and play dates with other pets is another way to meet people and stay social.

4. Swimming

Swimming is the best among healthy hobbies for seniors who suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis. It prevents pressure on the joints making it an easy and pain-free activity for seniors.

Swimming not only builds muscle and flexibility, but it helps strengthen the heart and lungs, too. It can be also done alone or as part of a group such as swimming club or water aerobics.

5. Dancing

Who doesn’t love to dance? Seniors can relive their youth through participating in dance classes, dance aerobics, or simply attending dances in their communities.

Dancing builds muscle and bone strength, keeps the heart and lungs healthy, and strengthens the mind. Research shows dancing can help prevent dementia and harmful falls.

Dancing is also a great hobby for socializing and making friends.

Healthy Hobbies for Seniors in Georgia

These are just some of the healthy hobbies seniors can benefit from. Elderly Care Services LLC offers an array of healthy activities for seniors in Georgia.

We have a variety of packages including different activities such as cooking, socializing, gardening, errands, and more.

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